Best Summer Garden Tips

Essential Gardening Tips for Summer

Gardening in the summertime is one of the biggest pleasures of the season. The gorgeous colors, fragrance and the way it can bring life to your indoor and outdoor home is unbelievable. Summer is a season of beauty and splendor. It can also be a busy time for those who love gardening. It comes with many gardening chores that are vital for the health of your plants. If you want to make your job simple, try these summer gardening tips.

Water Plants Regularly

The harsh summer heat can take its toll on your garden. If you don’t water your plants adequately, the roots will stay close to the surface and become more prone to heat. Water them deeply to make the roots dig deeper. Keep the water level at one inch every week to make the plants flourish.

Keep Pests at Bay

Pests can turn your beautiful summer garden into a disaster. To keep them at bay, monitor the garden carefully. If you are growing roses, watch out for aphids and mildew. You can also reapply pepper wax to keep rabbits, deer, and other big pests away.

Stake Tall Plants

If you are growing tall, herbaceous plants, put stakes in place. This prevents them from looking messy or falling lower as they grow tall and heavy. Also, use supports for climbers so as to control their growth and prevent an untidy appearance.

Prune Shrubs

While many shrubs don’t need pruning, some that flower in spring and early summer will greatly benefit from it after flowering. Pruning keeps your shrubs looking beautiful season after season. A great time to prune is immediately after things bloom as this prevents you from pruning flower buds.

Choose Plants with a Wide Root System

To start your garden off on the right foot, choose perennials, biennials, or heat resistant crops as opposed to annuals. This is because most annuals have shallow roots that dry out easily in the harsh summer heat.

Fertilize Plants Well

Fertilizer is one of the major things that help plants thrive. Fertilize the soil before you plant to make sure your plants withstand the stress of dry weather and high heat. Use organic compost and sustainable stock-free fertilizers. If you have already planted, use liquid fertilizers to give your plants a boost.

Use these summer gardening tips to create a stunning garden.

Afterward, you can sit, relax, and enjoy summer in your garden.