How to care for a geranium: growing, how often to water

Quite bright and stylish looks balcony, decorated with bright, flowering plants, it is really very beautiful. Someone grows ornamental cucumbers, someone likes flowering plants, such as pelargonium. In order for geraniums to bloom regularly on the balcony, you need to know the specifics of caring for it.

Care for pelargoniums depends largely on the specific variety and type of plant, but there are general rules that should be followed.

There are more than 400 varieties of geraniums. The flower can grow both at home and outdoors.

It is unpretentious in care, pelargonium can grow even an inexperienced florist.

For balcony conditions, zonal pelargonium is better suited than other types, it is most resistant to drafts and direct sunlight.

Secrets of geranium care:

  • The Soil should be slightly moist, it is better when the soil is dry than waterlogged. It is necessary to carry out the water once in 3-4 days by the drip method, which gradually moistens the entire soil. It is recommended to water the plant in the morning.
  • Pelargonium is suitable for loose sandy soils.
  • It is necessary to regularly trim dry and spotted leaves, as well as remove old inflorescences.
  • Comfortable temperature conditions: from 16 to 28 degrees.
  • When there is a lack of sun, the leaves turn pale, and the shrub itself stretches. It is worth keeping the balcony geranium on the South, East, or Westside.
  • Regular fertilizing with a solution of iodine increases the size and splendor of inflorescences, the brightness of flowers. Add a drop of 5% iodine solution to 1 l. of soft water. Pelargonium is also well-nourished by water infused with eggshells.