Landscaping with potted plants: Creative Container Gardens

It is truly amazing the different and creative ways that I have seen lately for creative container gardens for your patio or outdoor garden. Looking at the many varieties that are available, containers can really express your sense of style and exhibit personality at the same time. As you begin creating your garden for this season, consider checking out these gardening tips for creative containers for your garden instead of choosing a traditional pot.

Gardening Tips: Creative Container Gardens

Repurposed furniture makes for a new planter destination!


If you are looking for something to begin your container garden this season and don’t want to spend extra cash for a fancy container, start looking around your house for items that you would under normal circumstances throw away. Creative containers you may find are old tires, old soda bottles, or even shoes that have reached their end of life for their original purpose. Believe it or not, these items make unique and creative containers for your plants and are great conversation starters when you have guests over.


Are you running out of room on the ground for your plants? Well, another idea to consider when looking for a different way to add to your garden for small spaces is to plant in containers that can be mounted on a wall or hung from your roof. Creative containers you may be able to find or make from items in your home are metal pitchers with handles, chandeliers, mason jars, or even some of those old purses that you no longer use because they have gone out of style.


Finally, tiered containers provide you with the option to optimize space and to separate plants for your garden. Some creative containers you may be able to utilize in a tiered approach are old water fountains, old dressers, wine barrels, or even concrete blocks. As you dive into your gardening this season, contemplate using some of these creative containers for your garden or even craft a new container idea of your own.