Top vertical garden plants full sun

Vertical gardening with climbing plants is a common type of home garden decoration. You can use it to create a green volume even in a small area.

Vertical gardening is used for decorative effects on the site and protection of buildings, recreation areas, playgrounds from noise, wind, dust, and overheating. Vertical gardening is convenient because it is able to create a dense picturesque green covering of vertical walls (gazebos, retaining walls, and other structures) in a relatively short time. For vertical gardening, climbing perennial plants with various forms of flowers and fruits, textures, and colors of leaves are used. Many of them are easy to reproduce. Lianas are suitable for creating pergolas, gazebos, shady alleys, they perfectly complement and decorate retaining walls, fences.

Vertical gardening allows you to increase the area of green spaces, hide some parts of the garden and buildings.

When vertical gardening with lianas, they offer a huge palette of the most beautiful and diverse color combinations due to the color of foliage and even flowers.

Excellent results are given by such plants used in vertical gardening:



“Melothria scabra”

“Clematis” – a very popular perennial Liana with large beautiful flowers, characterized by a huge variety of colors and shapes. It grows quickly, requires care and pruning. Suitable for plaiting gazebos, pergolas, arches, grilles.

“Lonicera Brownii” – decorate your garden with lush bright red inflorescences, and later elongated, the same red berries.